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 The Ancient Secret Room News

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PostSubject: The Ancient Secret Room News   Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:45 am

December 21th, 2008:

Members who joined: Helbex, xXOpheliaXx, TToad, DragonKnuckle, Bizzerk (I think), vietnamese, yungplex, Mariposa1, EspadaIX (right?), ShystaZeb, and Zantoki (me)

Woot! Our first Secret Room (I think)! We had fun while we were there, and Helbex was proud we made it to the boss while still had 1 hour and 40-something minutes left. There were non-aggressive giants ranging from 67-116 (I'm not sure). Then there was the pre-boss. He was aggressive and had something level. He was easy to defeat. After we killed him, we were automatically sent to the big guy, Lucifer, level 121. Man, was he hell! We shortened only a teeny-weeny-bits of his HP!
We didn't beat the Secret Room boss; sadly, our leader died. But we sure had fun!

December 27th, 2008:

Members who joined: SorikuStrife, xXOpheliaXx, Scythor, Helbex, Piparkook, DarknessFallz, PlatinumX, TToad, Bizzerk, EspadaIX, ESPADAXII

Well, I wasn't there. Sad Crying or Very sad Mad But the team reached Lucifer in around 20 minutes. This time, they learned something: 1) someone need to take care of Nyx'es (Lucifer spawns 'em), and 2) when Lucifer kills someone, it heals itself, and it also re-target to kill.
We didn't win again. Neutral Like last time...

January 4th, 2009 ~ January 25th, 2009

No SR in this time gap. GW and GS might happen in the gap. Also, we're not ready for another SR yet.
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The Ancient Secret Room News
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