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 Zantoki's profile (can't think of a good title)

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Gawd I'm A Chatterbox!

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PostSubject: Zantoki's profile (can't think of a good title)   Thu Dec 18, 2008 7:19 pm

...Yeah...uhh...something about me....what?!....
Oh yeah, guess what? I play FlyFF! Very Happy (Bet you didn't see that comin' affraid ) Anyways:

Nickname (I prefer this than my real name; it's shorter AND cooler): Soe (pronounced "So" or "So-ee", whichever you like);

IGN: Zantoki;

Stuff 'bout me: 13-year-old boy;

Personality I have: Friendly; good-mood kind of person; (sometimes) like-to-be-perfect kind of person; and some other stuff;

Games I play: FlyFF;

Animes I like: Rurouni Kenshin; InuYasha; Bleach; Bakugan;

Music I like: Tonight, Tonight, Tonight; I Like To Move It;

I'll post a picture later. (Gonna be dangerous. Twisted Evil )
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Zantoki's profile (can't think of a good title)
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