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 And Here Comes the Second Loop...

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PostSubject: And Here Comes the Second Loop...   Sun Nov 23, 2008 8:20 am

Hey it's your favorite Str AoE Bp, Roentel,

Im sure many of you heard, Cold has left again with his Guild Seiging team and to start his old guild, LegendarY, over once more. I think it was because he said he felt some of us didnt like him and he didnt feel very welcomed. Or something in that nature. Anywho, he also left us to proccess the ruble of our fallen dreams. Well not too much to handle, right?

Things happen.

Before these events occured, the GS didnt even happen and I know we would have won. *snaps his fingers* We'll get em next time.

On top of it all, more members left and I've been appointed head chairman to pick up the pieces *Go Team!* Hope I do well to keep things going.

Dunno what the future holds for those who were with Ancient the longest and well, while the battlefog keeps things blurred, just don't know how things will turn out.

Cross your fingers

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And Here Comes the Second Loop...
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