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 Grey (song by me)

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PostSubject: Grey (song by me)   Tue Jul 29, 2008 5:43 pm

Ok.. so here's another song by moi... but erm, it probably won't come together that well to you. Don't worry though, it's not supposed to.. you need to the music to fully grasp it. Obviously reading lyrics is entirely different than hearing them.. because your mind is struggling to come up with some tune that will fit when it is most likely not the tune the lyric writer had in mind.. so yeah.. just pretend it sounds good.. cas there's no way to hear it (yet). again once again.. copy at your own risk.. i post these lyrics for feedback, storage, and fun.. im trusting you as my buddy not to steal em!!! and with that said. please tell me what you think. much appreciated. especially on song posts like this.. heh..

another note, if you want a better glimpse.. try reading the lyrics slower.. they are sung slower in some parts (but not necessarily softer).. if you just read through it quickly it definitely won't come together.. and it may seem short.. so yeah.. enjoy!


by stephen orr

to live in light
n be alright
too much to ask
for the little while

the ones we love
the ones we find
rarely strayed
(but give it time)

we seem to go
before it ends
should it never end
until the day
we run away

to the place of distance forced
and the ones we found
should we keep them
have stayed away

when the sky is this shade
and we've lost what we've made
we can't believe
in the pace that we fade
we can't believe
how we 'come so grey

but it can't be all that's left
for in the path
of this sicken'd blade
we sit and wonder
to forgive the past
n where it's brought us
oh how unfortunate
just before it takes us


from our hearts still
in the old..

to the new distance welcomed
and the ones we shall embrace
when the past lies in the wake
should we keep them, or
should we meet them

when the sky was this shade
and we lost what we made
we can believe
in the pace that we fade'
we can believe
how we 'came so grey

then our memory returns
our life is in the balance
we believe its for the best
yet the memory is there
and there it remains

till the day we forget

its all in the balance
should we ever move on
how it came to us
while wading in the light

and the sky grew that shade
and we lost what we made
we still believe
in the pace that we fade
in the day that we've waited for
and seek light in the grey

if only it couldn't take us

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Grey (song by me)
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