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 Phoenix Lullaby (song by me)

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PostSubject: Phoenix Lullaby (song by me)   Tue Jul 29, 2008 5:41 pm

uh.. I was trying to study some mandarin for my exam tomorrow.. but a little tune popped into my head.. which tends to happen a lot so I payed it no special attention.. but then out of nowhere some lyrics came along and hit me. =D
By posting this for all to see i trust you, my buddies, to not jack my lyrics. You can be sure that if i ever hear them anywhere else.. i will hunt you down!!! =P
soooo... here we go then.

note: i'm still playing around with different styles for this song but right now i'll leave it with an electric guitar for safety. =D

Phoenix Lullaby

and here we are
far from the start
the only thing
that makes us this way

we come to this place
to set ourselves apart
and watch how our life
can fade away

and oh how it's sick
to think we have it bad
when the ones who bare
are the ones who die

and we can believe
that place is near

and hope to be saved
by a phoenix lullaby
when all we can see
is our broken soul

we find it hard
to believe in fireflies
they never come out
when it is cold

time is a sadist
to the pessamistic fool
and its sick obsession
will plague me no more

there's no room to give up
so look to the light my friend
and pray it welcomes you
this time

and we can believe
that place is near

so hope to be saved
by a phoenix lullaby
when all we can see
is our broken soul

we find it hard
to concieve the thought
of night
as a necessasary wind
to hold the light


So now we see ourselves
too far from the start
there's only one thing
that's made us this way

and when we die
we come by sad lullaby
to a phoenix of song
and pray that we stay

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Phoenix Lullaby (song by me)
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