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 I is Tiy :D

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Age : 29
Location : Australia
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PostSubject: I is Tiy :D   Mon Jul 28, 2008 6:44 am

Howdy, i am Tiy the coolest RM on the planet.

I am 19 years old this year i'm currently studying IT at my local tafe, i live in Australia, i like making Graphics and/or fiddling with webpages i've got my own if you havn't already checked it out (Isn't my sig just the best? Very Happy). If you want to talk or you want to level me just hit me up on one of those groovy chat boxes and say hello i won't bite your head off.

When i'm not on Fly i like to hang with friends, see movies, the normal stuff, i don't really have a picture of me on my comp cause it's relatively new and i sold my old one. >_> but i'll try and get one. To sum me up i'm about 181cm tall, really long red/orange hair, blue eyes, fair complexion.

I joined Ancient about 2 hours ago, but i knew Ebob and Gods for a long while before i contacted Cold. Smile

I charge cash every now and then 'cause i work alot (Stupid work) and i don't really use it in my daily life apart from Gas for my car >_> so it's nice to spend some on a game, then again whenever i get some Ebob usually tries to buy them all >_> Rich people these days.

I'm currently Lv75 with 90%, looking for Rimyth Helm and Gloves, i only have 25m at the moment, planning to resell some thing or something to get some more. Thanks Cold for the boots, you rule. Very Happy

Hello to everyone i don't know... i think i only know Ebob, Godz and Madrid so far. Looking forward to getting to know you all and having fun in the future. Very Happy

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I is Tiy :D
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