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 Buying stuff O-('.'Q)

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PostSubject: Buying stuff O-('.'Q)   Fri May 09, 2008 5:04 am

Topic. Please leave a price or c/o if you can. I'm almost always on Celtic, Toki, or Christ; it's usually better to either post here or mail me though since I'm frequently afk in game.

3x Earthquake cards (7% Def)
Gore+6 or higher
2x Demol+12s
100 or 150 hp/mp glasses
Barbari lion (preferably B class or higher)
5x scrolls of reduction A (-10 levels)

INT-statted Geniun/Gynas boots, gloves, and helm
Any psy suit awakened with 25+ INT
STA-statted Psykon/Psyuniper parts (especially need a suit right now)
Paying handsomely for a psykon/psyuniper suit awakened with ~25+ STA (whether statted or not) =)
LG wand awakened with stamina, hp, def, or decrease magic motion time

Muay Thai hair/gloves
Geita shoes (2006 or not doesn't matter)
Shamutra helm (male cw mercenary helm)

List 1 is in priority order; the things in 2 and 3 are items I'm willing to pick up at any time
And finally, I'm always looking for bulk deals on blessings and good deals on Azria tickets. Cheers ^-^
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Buying stuff O-('.'Q)
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