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 Basic Rules of our Guild

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PostSubject: Basic Rules of our Guild   Tue May 06, 2008 2:06 am

These rules are still open to discussion and suggestions from any of Ancient's members.

1. All members are required to be active, join the forum, read and accept these rules, and participate in the guild's life as much as possible.
2. One member = One character. Any exception will have to be sanctioned by guild leader.
3. Be polite with all your fellow guildies, avoid flames and/or misunderstandings. Help and support all guild members.
4. No discrimination will be allowed amongst our members.
5. The language to be used in guild chat and forum is English.
6. Any suspicion related to scamming or hacking will result in permanent ban from the guild.
7. Any members leaving the guild permanently will not be allowed in the forum.
8. All members are required to contribute with donations to the guild, mostly with quest items or penya to raise guild's level.
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Basic Rules of our Guild
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